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Firewire Spitfire TimberTek Surfboard

Firewire Spitfire TimberTek Surfboard
The Firewire Spitfire TimberTek Surfboard is an overall loose, free-flowing board.

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Features & Specifications

Firewire Surfboards do not come with fins
TimberTek Technology
Int-Adv Surfers
Chest-OverheadHigh Waves


Built on the driven concept similar to the thinner, more control-based Dominator, the Firewire Spitfire TimberTek Surfboard is a performance craving shortboard which infuses the highly responsive pinpoint maneuvering of a diamond tail. The Spitfire is an overall loose, free-flowing board.

The TimberTek Technology is the most eco-friendly material that can be used in commercial made high-performance surfboards. TimberTek combines a lightweight EPS core, sustanibly-grown wood deck skins, and a lightweight bio-resin coat to create a high-performance work of art.

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