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GoPro Battery Bacpac (HERO3 To HERO4)

Item #: ABPAK-401
GoPro Battery Bacpac (HERO3 To HERO4)
Use as a charger or spare battery for your HD HERO3 or HERO4.

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Features & Specifications

Seamlessly attaches to the back of your GoPro to nearly double battery life
Charges your spare Original HD HERO3 and HD HERO4 batteries
Perfect for long-duration activities and time-lapse photography


The Original Battery BacPac works as a charger for your HD HERO3 or HERO4 batteries, plus plugs directly into the back of the camera to nearly double recording times. Perfect for long-duration time-lapse shots, endurance motorsports racing, marathon surf sessions or any other time where you need up to 2x the battery life.

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