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Firewire Dominator FST Hybrid Grom Surfboard

Item #: FDM-GROM
Firewire Dominator FST Hybrid Grom Surfboard
Let your little one catch the wave of their life on the Firewire Dominator Grom FST Round Tail Surfboard.

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Features & Specifications

Firewire Surfboards do not come with fins
FST Technology
Beg. Surfers
Knee-Head High Waves


Quite possibly the most adaptable, responsive board within Firewire's quiver, The Dominator FST Series - Round Tail is more than a carve-capable design, it's built on and for the premise of enhanced speed and performance. Shaper Dan Mann accomplished this by reducing the Dominator's nose profile through pulling the board's wide point more center while increasing the foil throughout. Designed with lightweight strength and flexibility that comes with Future Shapes Technology (FST), and available in 5/4/3 FCS or Future fin configurations, from paddle to pull in, the Dominator FST round tail is a stealthy hybrid round tail creatively capable of influencing your journey "down the line."

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