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FCS Q-71000C Glass Flex Quad Fin Set

Item #: 1168-176-24-R
FCS Q-71000C Glass Flex Quad Fin Set
FCS M-7 in the side paired with FCS G-1000 centres in the rear. Ideal for heavier surfers who like to surf on rail.

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Features & Specifications

Base: 4.52" / 115mm
Depth: 4.67" / 119mm
Area: 15.71"² / 10137mm²
Sweep: 33°
Foil: IFT


Fast and smooth, with better hold and more squirt through turns, the Q-71000C has a flexible tip for forgiveness and control. Will suit quads with wider tails which require slightly more fin area. Symmetrical rear fins create smoother rail-to-rail transitions in a variety of conditions. The new Inside Foil Technology offers superior drive and hold. Glass Flex offers the flex pattern modeled off a hand-foiled fiberglass fin and the ability to mold highly technical computer generated foils accurately. The G-1000, center fins, were designed for groms. This is a good all-round template for lightweight riders with a soft forgiving flex pattern._x000D_


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