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FCS MF-1 PC Thruster Surfboard Fin Set - Mick Fanning Signature Fin

Item #: 1255-169-00-R
FCS MF-1 PC Thruster Surfboard Fin Set - Mick Fanning Signature Fin
Mick Fanning's signature fin with Tricoil Technology for maximum drive!

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Features & Specifications

Base: 4.52″ / 115.0mm
Depth icon Depth: 4.67″ / 119mm
Area icon Area: 15.71″² / 10137mm²
Sweep icon Sweep: 33°
Foil icon Foil: Flat


When Mick Fanning announced that he had switched to FCS fins because `they felt the best and had an extra bit of zing,` the guys over at FCS wasted no time in developing Fanning`s first fin template. The FCS MF-1 Performance Core Tri Fin Set is stocked with Tricoil Technology and was developed with the 2 X World Champion for high performance power surfing. The MF-1 features a long leading edge, and the high degree of sweep angle provides control when driving off the bottom or carving through turns on the open face.

_x000D_ _x000D_ The thickness of the foil and the bevelled leading edge gives the MF-1 a fast and lively feel, while the customized multi-axial carbon frame inside the fin produces a flex pattern that not only stores and releases energy, but provides a `whipping` sensation as the surfers performs tighter maneuvers off the top. Pick up the Mick Fanning Signature FCS Fin Set and strike some of your own lighting.

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