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Cobian Bounce Women's Sandal

Item #: BOU10
Cobian Bounce Women's Sandal
With their cute, elegant, and comfortable design, the Cobian Bounce sandals are the perfect seat for your feet!

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Features & Specifications

Ridiculously comfortable
Nylon webbed strap with Cobian logo tag
Ultra squishy foam topsole delivers supreme comfort with every step
Rubber outsole for enhanced durability


Stylish, durable, and yet soft enough to conform to your feet, Cobian’s Bounce sandals are like a slice of heaven for your soles. They’re so ridiculously comfortable and stylish; don’t be surprised if you find yourself picking outfits to go with these sandals instead of the reverse. You’ll love them so much; they might be the only sandals you’ll ever want to wear.

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