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Santa Cruz Star Wars Skateboards Collection

Welcome to our longboard & skateboard shop! BC Surf & Sport is dedicated to giving you great customer service and offering the best skateboards a board shop can offer. We carry many longboard brands including Sector 9, Original Longboards, Arbor Longboards, Santa Cruz, Loaded Longboards, Landyachtz, Globe Long boards, Never Summer, and more.

We also have a huge stock of skateboard decks, skateboard parts including bearings, trucks for longboards and skateboards, longboard sliding gloves, griptape and tools. Our skateboard brands include Element, Enjoi, Creature and many more. Come in to one of our many locations today to speak to an in house skate shop expert or conveniently shop online right now! With over 35 years in business, BC Surf And Sport has the credibility, superior products and ultimate security to make you feel comfortable and satisfied when shopping in our online store.

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  1. Sector 9 Lookout 42" Longboard Complete

    Regular Price: $209.99

    Special Price: $169.98

  2. Globe Pinner Classic 40" Longboard Complete
  3. Globe Blazer Island Blue 26" Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  4. Globe Paradise Fiberglass 26" Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  5. Globe Spearpoint Bamboo 40" Longboard Complete
  6. Globe Bantam St Gran Ma Couch Longboard Complete
  7. Globe Big Pinner Bamboo 44" Longboard Complete
  8. Penny Nickel 27" Faded Series Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  9. Penny Nickel 27" Pastel Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  10. Penny Nickel 27" Hunting Season Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  11. Penny 22" Cruiser Skateboard Complete - Baja
  12. Riviera Beta Fish Drop Thru 38" Longboard Complete
  13. Sunset Flare LED Cruiser Wheels 4-Pack - Red
  14. Sunset Flare LED Cruiser Wheels 4-Pack - White
  15. Sunset Flare LED Cruiser Wheels 4-Pack - Pink
  16. Baker Brand Logo Skateboard Deck - 7.88"
  17. Pro-Tec Ace Pro Skateboard Helmet
  18. Deville Drain Pipe 38" Longboard Complete
  19. Penny 22" Classic Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  20. Penny Nickel 27" Classic Cruiser Skateboard Complete
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