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FCS SA-1 Simon Anderson Performance Core Quad Fin Set - Medium

Item #: 1129-155-24-R
FCS SA-1 Simon Anderson Performance Core Quad Fin Set - Medium
Simon Anderson's medium size quad set, suited to lighter surfers who like to drive hard off their fins.

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Features & Specifications

Base: 4.24" / 108mm
Depth: 4.45" / 113mm
Area: 14.05"² / 9067mm²
Sweep: 35.5°
Foil: IFT


Twenty five years after designing the thruster, Simon Anderson, one of the most influential surfer/shapers in history and innovator of the thruster, is producing quads. These FCS Quad Surfboard fins are for his small wave quad boards and serve as a true evolution of his S81 template. A very upright right fin for quick direction changes. More base and more curve in the leading and trailing edges makes for tighter turning characteristics that better suit performance surfing. Both the front and rear fins have proportionally the same outline resulting in superior handling, speed and control. _x000D_

_x000D_ _x000D_ The Medium template will suit small to medium surfers while the Large template will cater to larger surfers. Simon has now produced a quad fin that is sleek and proven to perform._x000D_

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