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FCS PC-7 Bamboo Thruster Surfboard Fin Set - Smoke

Item #: 1127-210-00-R
FCS PC-7 Bamboo Thruster Surfboard Fin Set - Smoke
Foiled bamboo core offers remarkable flex and tip response.

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Features & Specifications

Base: 4.52" 115.0mm
Depth: 4.67" 119.0mm
Area: 15.71"² 10137mm²
Sweep: 33.0°
Foil: IFT


The FCS PC-7 Bamboo Thruster Tri Fin Set is high performance lightweight bamboo fin with exceptional flex properties and unique plaid graphic. Utilizes the natural flex properties of bamboo to its advantage, this thruster fin features a foiled bamboo core that enhances performance by harnessing the natural flex properties of wood while the carbon inserts in the base create a stiff foundation to effectively flex and store energy when the fin is under pressure during turns and nose riding. Performance Core resin transfer molding, allows for the fins to be made stiffer with added performance and reduced weight. _x000D_


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