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Boosted Dual + 2,000 Watt Electric Longboard

Boosted Dual + 2,000 Watt Electric Longboard
Mindblowing Power, Speed, and Braking.

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Features & Specifications

Max Speed: 22 mph
Range: 7 Miles
Power: 2,000 Watts
Uphill Climbing: 25% Grade
Powerful Regenerative Braking
Weight: 15 lbs.
Deck Length: 38"
Truck Width: 10"
Wheel Size: 75mm


The Dual+ is a technological marvel, cleverly disguised as an everyday longboard. With custom controlled speed and power settings, take it easy while learning and then graduate to supercar performance. With faster acceleration, a higher top speed, and stronger braking, it's the board for people who always wish they were going faster.
Boosted Dual+ Drive 2,000 Watt Electric Longboard
Bluetooth Remote Control
60 Minute Fast Charger
User Manual

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