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Boosted Dual 1,500 Watt Electric Longboard

Item #: DUAL
Boosted Dual 1,500 Watt Electric Longboard
Carve Your Way To Work. Commuting Is Now Recreation Time.

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Features & Specifications

Max Speed: 20 mph
Range: 7 Miles
Power: 1,500 Watts
Uphill Climbing: 20% Grade
Powerful Regenerative Braking
Weight: 15 lbs.
Deck Length: 38"
Truck Width: 10"
Wheel Size: 75mm


The Boosted Dual uses our twin motor technology for superior handling and traction. With two powerful independent motors, you can carve hard and power through turns. Surfers, snowboarders, and skiers love the feeling of carving every day of the year. Whether you're out on your neighborhood streets for fun or flying uphill past bikers on your way to work, Dual drive is the perfect electric longboard.
Boosted Dual Drive 1,500 Watt Electric Longboard
Bluetooth Remote Control
60 Minute Fast Charger
User Manual

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