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January Face Mask of the Month: Coal

by Trish Wilkinson
As the snow finally begins to fly out here in the Rocky Mountains, we have come to a crucial piece of equipment that is essential for riding long into those snowy afternoons and snagging some fresh pow.  A great face mask can do wonders to keep you warm and windburn-free when it gets a little blustery; and keep your face from getting sunburned while slashing those day-after bluebird freshies. Coal represents the most stylish of the functional accessory pieces that snowboarders tend to identify themselves by: the beanie.  Whether cuffed or slouched, brimmed or beret’ed ( I tried it), Coal is known to present a line of understated, comfortable, and fashionable pieces to kit up with on-hill and off. Now into face masks…long past are the days of the burglar-style masks from the crime and horror flicks.   Have you seen the serial-killer looking guy rocking the leather face mask?  (Leather face pun intended)  We can update our style without compromising warmth or performance.  Lots of riders aren’t fond of the full over the head style of mask, finding it claustrophobic.  Coal provides more than a reasonable solution with the over sized neck gaiter styling in the NWAs series. The V Neck Gator has bandana points in the front and back, that keep it from twisting as you get aggressive out there.  Made from buttery soft double-sided tech fleece in an array of colors, this one is great to keep you happy longer on cold days. The M.T.N, or micro-tech warmer, is made from a more athletic, moisture-wicking polyester that, like the V Neck Gator, is convertible.  You can pull it all the way up to your goggles and tuck it in to seal out wind and the elements from your cheeks and nose to your neck and top of your jacket zipper.  This one is more appropriate for a variety of weather conditions, and will keep you from getting burned on those sunny spring days in the park or the backcountry. Coal makes the Frena NWA in the same colors and soft knit rib as  your Frena beanie.  The Nichols NW is made from a cashmere-like acrylic that is super soft and styling that is obviously Coal.  Of course, Coal also makes some great looking option for that rider who likes a full coverage mask, such as the U.H.B., or under-helmet beanie.  Seamless coverage like that is also available in a rib knit as seen in the Knit Clava, and made from the same soft cashmere-like acrylic in the Nichols NWCoal makes the Frena NWA in the same colors and soft knit rib as  your Frena beanie. Avoid frostbite.  Look cool, not scary.  Be fashionable.  Skin cancer is lame.  Keep that face covered and keep that rider out there making turns long after the gapers had to call it a day. February face mask of the month:  Airhole.  

Stance Snowboard Socks

by Stoked Ent.

December Product Review: Stance Snowboard Socks By Trish Wilkinson

Stance Snowboard Socks

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference. Especially around the holidays, it’s common to adopt the philosophy that “’tis better to give than receive”. In these economic times something as brilliant as giving a legit snowboard sock for under $20 is the best you can do. Imagine a snowboard sock that doesn’t slip down and sink below your calves to wrinkle uncomfortably, a sock that is super soft and cushy around your toes and underfoot… But I might be getting ahead of myself. Here are the Top 5 reasons to buy a snowboard sock that is engineered for snowboarding to be worn whilesnowboarding: 1. Technology: Most, if not all, snowboard socks are made with a blend of natural and synthetic fibers to pull moisture (that means sweat) away from your feet and keep your feet from freezing. When you are bundled up in below freezing temperatures and are gettin’ after it on the slopes, the two places your body is dumping most of its heat is out your head and feet. This is also why most beanies are made from synthetic fibers: to pull that moisture away from your skin and store it in the fabric fibers so you don’t feel cold. 2. Comfort: There is no reason to feel like your feet are the itchiest things on the planet because you are wearing your natural wool socks. You can find snowboard socks made with wool (merino, in the case of the afore mentioned Stance line) as well as other fibers to make them non-itchy. 3. Practicality: One pair of thin, technologically current socks will keep your feet warmer on cold days than 2 pair of non-snowsports designated socks. 4. Obvious: Athletic socks are made for use at room temperatures and higher. They are not designed to prevent your sweat from making your feet cold, in fact they are a complement to your body’s own a/c system by keeping your sweat close to your feet to cool them down. That’s why they are usually soaked. 5. The cool factor: Stance makes socks that look and feel fresh. Even if nobody else can see them, you know you got some cool socks under there…. Featuring a host of special features you would never have thought possible for socks, such as: “no lift” heel grip, thermolite, and premium “black sheep” merino wool that boasts a super soft feel with no itch. Also, you get comfort with none of the annoying sock slouch that has plagued snowboarders for decades…none of the blandness prevalent from ski companies forever… socks that you will be able to tell apart from your dad’s socks. Check out for available styles and for care information (because Stance socks don’t like to be thrown in the dryer). Unisex sizes are available in s/m and l/xl. Keep your feet warm, stoke your soulfire on some stylish treats for your feet… or your friend’s feet… or your lover’s feet… or a siblings feet… I promise they will thank you.

Stance Snowboard Socks

Stance Snowboard Sock

Stance Snowboard Socks

Stance Snowboard Socks   Stance Snowboard Socks



The Nixon Axis Watch | New Arrivals

by BC Admin
Nixon Axis Watch Nixon has been getting a lot of love in our New Arrivals section as of late and with good cause as their Milk Collection and Axis watches are putting some first class style on wrists this summer.  The Nixon Axis is a business class watch that would go with your $5k Armani suit, or with a tank top while you’re rolling to the patio.  Featuring Nixon’s first horizontal chronograph movement, The Axis has four total dials and stands as a modern update to the successful Banks watch. The Axis just came through the door, so check it out here and get FREE SHIPPING: – The Nixon Axis Watch – $250.00

Introducing the Nixon Milk Collection | New Arrivals

by BC Admin

Nixon Milk collection white gold watches

Nixon has added to its Chromacoat line with the best looking collection yet:  The Milk Collection. Covered in a glossy white finish that resembles the Nixon Elite Class Ceramic line, this coating is actually meant to wear over time, revealing an antiqued gold underneath. This creates a watch that will mature over time and wear with the owner, making a truly unique watch that is completely custom to your lifestyle.

Whether you treasure the white and gold look, not wanting to scuff or fade the watch, or you want to give it hell and make it an antiqued masterpiece, the Milk Collection is now available for a limited time. This collection is available online at, with select other styles available in-store.  For more information on the Chromacoat story, hit up Available now on Nixon Player Watch – All White/Gold – $225 Nixon 42-20 – All White/Gold – $500 Nixon Milk collection white gold watches

New Arrivals | Checking out the Oakley Frogskins in Acid Orange

by BC Admin
Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses Oakley’s new colorways in the beloved Frogskin sunglasses have dropped and we’ve got a pair of the Acid Orange shades on as we speak. To begin with, if you don’t already own a pair of Frogskins, you’re missing out.  These shades have incredibly lightweight and flexible frames that take these sunglasses a few thousand steps beyond your standard, $5 carnival Ray Bans.  also, the Frogskins were Oakley’s first foray into dual-lens technology, so these vintage beach shades are a piece of sunglass history.

Oakley frogskins orange

We’re sure you know the story by now, but just in case, here it is:  Oakley began reproducing these shades a few years back for nostalgia.  The 80′s wayfarer movement quickly spread and everyone from Lance Armstrong to Kanye West has been seen chilling in these when they’re off the clock. Each color comes in limited quantities, so snagging a pair of Acid Orange Frogskins now is in your best interest before they’re all gone! The Oakley Frogskins in Acid Orange are $110.00 on

Wheel Secrets: Checking the Rebound Factor of longboard wheels and the top five most responsive in tests

by BC Admin

Longboard Wheel Secrets Continuing our Wheel Secrets breakdown of how to pick longboard wheels and what goes into them, we move on to the actual materials.  Concrete Wave’s Troy Churchill says that materials are the most important part of the equation, and that “you get out what you put in.”  Simple concept . . . junk in, junk out.

“No matter how good the equipment and tooling is, if the raw urethane is cheap, the wheels will feel dead and have little rebound.” Who cares about rebound?  Churchill says that “the rebound is everything.”  For those with experience picking out longboard wheels, the bounce factor is an essential step.  Basically, it goes a little something like this  Read the rest of this entry »

Product Review: Top 5 Reasons to GoPro [GoPro Cameras]

by Sierra Murphy
You see them everywhere. Glued to helmets, strapped to chests, duct-taped to ski poles and pvc-pipes. They’re in park, in pow, in trees. They are GoPros, and they’re invading the ski and snowboard world – and for good reason. These bite-sized cameras are beasts. Here are my top five reasons to get one for yourself: Continue Reading Read the rest of this entry »

New Product Announcement: GoPro 3D Hero System [GoPro Cameras]

by BC Admin

“GoPro Launches 3D HERO® System; World’s Smallest 1080p 3D Camera.”

GoPro has recently announced the 3D HERO System, a waterproof 3D for their line of compact 1080p cameras.  The new system allows users to combine two cameras into one housing unit, capturing depth and texture that is later edited together with GoPro CineForm Software.  This takes the personal filming game to a whole new level, allowing snowboarders, mountain bikers, surfers, party-goers, etc. to create real depth in their footage.
“The 3D HERO System is exciting for a lot of reasons, one of them being that it’s not just a 3D camera. It’s really several cameras in one, depending on how the consumer wants to use it,” says Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO. “That you can take two GoPro cameras that you would normally use independently and combined them to form a new type of camera, a 3D camera…that’s extremely cool. GoPro is excited to be the first company to build a camera this versatile.”
More information to come from GoPro, but for now, the GoPro 3D Hero System includes:
  • * 3D HERO Waterproof Housing
  • * 3D HERO Synchronization Cable
  • * Skeleton Door (allows for optimal sound capture in dry environments)
  • * 3 Pairs of 3D Anaglyph (Red/Blue) Glasses
  • * Helmet Front Mount
  • * 2 Flat and 2 Curved Adhesive Mounts
  • * Free Download: GoPro CineForm Studio 3D editing software
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    Rosser: The Loaded Tan Tien is your best bet for cruising around town [Product Review]

    by Chris J Rosser
    The Loaded Tan Tien is great for getting creative on campus or just cruising the streets, but it may not be the ideal board for downhill speed demons. Instead, check out the Loaded Dervish ($320.99) which has a stiffer flex pattern across the four different flexes available and stays a bit more stable at high speeds. However, the Tan Tien has changed creative longboarding, so check it out here, for your next summer ride. Loaded Tan Tien – $320.98 on Loaded Tan Tien Product Review on


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