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The Quiet Life says "Aloha"

by Sean Galway

Today  October 26th 2012, The Quiet Life, the photo savvy skater owned and operated L.A. apparel company,  said  “Aloha” to BC with their limited edition ‘Aloha Pack’. You can now find the limited edition 5 panel hats at your nearest BC Surf and Sport. Get ready to throw them on and feel an over-whelming sensation of tropical breeze and tropical drinks consume your senses.* *this may or may not happen; any “tropical” sensations that may occur is purely coincidental and not dependent on The Quiet Life or BC Surf and Sport. (But here’s to hoping, and at the very least, you’ll be  looking good.) Just remember “Keonimana” (kay-oh nee-ma-nah) (That’s “Gentlemen” in Hawaiian), these hats are scarce so get some before they say “Aloha”.


The 19th annual BC snowboard Swap 2012

by Sean Galway

19th annual BC snowboard swap 2012

Not to pick favorites or anything, but seeing as its labor day weekend and we have the (lame) “Snigrabs and “Powder Days” and the goopys and loopies and whatzits snow sales going on; I wanted to be the first to say “BC does it better!” Not only were we the first ones to have a snowboard sale; but we did it with-out sidewalk tents, pushing crowds, long-lines, and individuals who haven’t showered in days. Most importantly we did it with one thing in mind; “FUN”. This past August 17th,18th, and 19th we welcomed snow-lovers and snow-haters alike to come participate in the fun. BC had everything from home-made Van’s waffles to pickle juice -chugging contests. Many of the local snow reps came to help jazz-eveyone up for the soon to fall snow (hopefully sooner than later), with contests, give-aways, sales, and fun. Many of Colorado’s shredders brought in their old snow gear to sell, and left with something new; with BC ‘s “Swap” program; where you bring in your old gear; BC sells it, and you have the opportunity to spend your earnings on NEW gear. Lib-Tech had a banana mouth-throwing contest, to win some really cool prizes. Van’s own Shawn Gruenhagen, got up at the crack of dawn to make customers fresh-pressed waffles. And Never Summer not only gave out a brand-new snowboard but a tour of the Never Summer factory to go with it. With all the prizes, give-aways, and enough free red-bull for a shark to swim in, it was hard NOT to have fun. This year’s swap went to 10, and we anticipate next years swap to go to 11; with that said we hope to see you at the Swap next year.

The fun in front

Shawn Gruenhagen; the man, the myth, the waffle man!

Lib Techs Banana Contest

D.J. Add-Verse a.k.a. DBO making the swap sound good

Tiel and Max; official security for DJ Addverse

Volcom Stone handing out prizes

Winner of a brand NEW limited 32 snowboard


BC's 19th Annual Snow Board Swap!

by Sean Galway

Aaaaaahhh Summer Time; the smell of freshly-mowed lawns, meat on the grill, lemonade, OFF mosquito replant, and kids that haven’t bathed in days.

Yeah, summer is….ok. It’s nice, but like visiting annoying relatives; its always great when they leave.

Thats how us snow ninjas feel every summer; we enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures, but always think the grass is greener when there is 10 feet of fresh snow over it.  And one thing we look forward to every summer is BC’s annual snowboard swap. Nothing gets a snowman or snow-woman more excited for the winter season like seeing brand-new 2013 snowboards with that fresh snowboard smell that makes your hair raise on the back of your neck. The touch of a brand-new jacket that makes you feel like you’re getting a big hug from the Stay-Pufft Marshmallow Man. Or the BC dunk tank (thats right, we got a dunk tank this year) where the throwing of a ball to see a fellow friend get submerged in water is reminiscent of seeing individuals FAIL at that pond-skimming contest at Vail.

Next weekend, on August 17th, 18th, and 19th, BC’s 19th annual Snow Swap will prove to be BC’s greatest swap thus far. With enough prizes, give-aways, and hi-fives to drown an elephant (we at BC don’t want to drown and elephant, we just wanted to give an analogy of how much prizes and give -aways we have to give away). For instance, on August 17th, the first 40 people in the door will receive a free pair of Skullcandy “Ink’d” Headphones. And thats just the tip of the Ice-Berg, there will be helmet, outer-ware, and even  SNOWBOARD give-aways. There will be local reps from all snowboard companies to answer any questions we can’t, great deals on 2012 and 2013 snowboard product(s), break-dancing competitions, dunk-tanks, and much much more.

You can even bring in your old gear to sell. Just bring in your old snowboarding gear, price how much you’d like to sell it for, and we will try and sell it for you. It’s that easy. Call 303.768.8908 for more information.

So come down to  PARK MEADOWS BC Surf and Sport August 17th-19th and get ready for fun,prizes, and most importantly SNOW.

Oh and if the writing didn’t entice you enough, here is a sneak peak at next years gear. (that we already have in the store)






Smells like Summer BBQ's

by Sean Galway

You smell that? It smells like hot dogs with a hint of tre-flips.  That’s right, my friends, get your skateboards gripped, get them ready to rip; get those stomachs ready, get them ready for some food that is hefty, because it BC Colorado’s annual skate BBQ’s! This Saturday, June 30th,  kicks off the the BC BBQ Tour! Happening at skate parks across the state of Colorado, come join BC Surf and Sport for Free Food, Free Air, Fun Skateboarding, Prize giveaways, Skate Contests, Hi-Fives, and maybe even a game of skate limbo (jack be nimble, jack be quick). All the BBQ’s start at the crack of noon (12pm, to be exact) and will go until every person has a hot dog in their belly, and a smile on their face.  This years tour is filled with prize giveaways from a plethora of  awesome sponsors. This is the biggest sponsor roster to date with prizes from: Quicksilver, Zero, Fallen, Analog, Electric, Skull Candy, Volcom, Brixton, Stance Socks, Vitawater, Nike, and Ipath, just to name a few. Even if your don’t feel like skating or pushing around for whatever reason, bring your dancing shoes, because at the Clemet skate-park stop, Skull Candy is bringing BC’s very own Party Shark “Addverse”, to get your ear’s dancing and hips swinging. Also, this year, BC is putting on their own BC BBQ Skate Tour  camping trip. The crew is headin’ down to Grand Junction to skate, camp, tell ghost stories, and roast smore’s by the campfire. They say they’re camping in the forest where those teenagers mysteriously vanished last summer, so it should be to say the least.  They will be skating West skate park one day and a mystery location the next. So come one come all for food, fun, skating, and Hi-Fives with the BC crew. The tour will be going on all summer, if you can only make one or all of them, the BBQ’s are gonna be like Cape Canaveral, a definite blast! Call any of our BC locations for any info needed!  


by Sean Galway
Come one, Come All!, to the steeziest snowboard competition since Shaun White‘s “sweet” zebra pants in the 2012 X-Games. The Vans/ProTec Hi-Standard Double Big Air is coming to Winter Park, CO, on April 14th, and it anticipates to be much more stylish, much more exciting, and much more fun than anything you’ve seen before. With rules set at nothing bigger than a 540, riders are gonna have to put on their imagination-caps and pull out their “style” super powers to win part of  the $4,ooo purse. If you don’t feel like “showing off” and just want to relax, come up for some fun in the sun, with discounted Winter Park lift tickets, food, and special guest D.J. “Party Sharks” own DBO! making your hips swing all day long. For more info check out the poster below/the call your local BC Surf and Sport.


Winter Storm Warning!!!-Burton Snowboards

by Stoked Ent.
WARNING! Our sources have told us, if you’re in Denver, CO on 8/13, you can find shelter from the Winter Storm at BC Surf & Sport Colorado in Park Meadows. To protect yourself from the weather, there will be a $1000 Burton shopping spree hidden in the store, brand new Burton Snowboards 2012 product, the NEW catalog, Free Lunch, and much much more! Don’t get caught in the storm, see you at BC Surf and Sport in Park Meadows on 8/13.-

This Saturday, May 21st: Watch the Protec Pool Party live from BC's Colorado locations

by BC Admin
Come down to BC Surf & Sport’s Boulder, Flatirons and Park Meadows locations to watch the 7th Annual Pro-tec Pool Party.  Streamed live, in-store and presented by Rockstar Energy Drink,  the Pool Party will see 40 top pros and masters vie for their piece of more than $100,000 in one of the most unforgiving bowls ever built.

Watch 2011 Protec Pool Party live at BC Surf & Sport

Held in the replica Combi Bowl at Vans Skatepark at the Block at Orange, the 2011 Pool Party is wide open with one of the most competitive fields ever in both divisions. Saturday, May 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm Expected Riders Include: Pros – Bucky Lasek (2-Time Defending Champ), Rune Glifberg (’05, ’07, ’08 Winner), Omar Hassan (’06 Winner), Pedro Barros, Bob Burnquist, Alex Perelson, Josh Borden, Lincoln Ueda, Benji Galloway, Nolan Munroe,  Ben Raybourne and more. Masters – Steve Caballero (Defending Champ), Chris Miller (’05-’09 Winner), Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Nicky Guerrero, Duane Peters, Sergie Ventura (first Masters appearance), Eric Nash, Lester Kasai, Tony Mag, Mark “Red” Scott, Pat Ngoho, Steve Alba, Ben Schroeder, Cara-Beth Burnside and more.


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